Pacwel is a disruptive engineering company that designs and builds innovative automated empty packaging handling systems for the global packaging industry.

Pacwel’s technology provides significant savings in
Labor Utilisation, Floor Space, Energy Consumption

  • The Pacwel range of products typically reduce labor costs by one and two full time equivalents per shift per line
  • Energy savings are made through the use of servo motors
  • Space savings over 70% can be made by the use of Pacwel Palletizers and upstream handling solutions
  • Pacwel currently has patents (or pending at various stages of approval) in Australia for its designs

Our current major products include these units:

Pacwel packaging automation value stream

What Pacwel does well

  • Pacwel designs and produces specialist equipment which delivers improved efficiencies in packaging manufacturing and handling
  • Pacwel’s products efficiently move bottles and small containers out of blow molders onto conveyors, and then pack them in cartons or onto pallets. They can also reverse the action and unpack as required
  • Pacwel solutions allow for increased efficiency in an era when cost pressures on manufacturers have never been greater. Pacwel’s products allow manufacturers to increase efficiency and lower labor costs
  • Pacwel products typically reduce labor costs by between one and two full time equivalents per shift. The units more than pay for themselves within 9-18 months and improve long-term viability of the production process
  • Pacwel’s US operations are based in Chicago, with its Australasian operations being headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

  • Pacwel currently has patents pending to cover products at various stages of approval in Australia and the USA

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We offer your company:

Specialist automation System Design for Package handling

24/7 Technical Support

Modular Construction

On-Site installation and commissioning

  • “It’s simplicity is both appealing and user-friendly – we had 2 people doing the job so this has saved us over $100k per year.”
    Carton Packers
  • “We found the installation process very straight forward, the software was easy to learn and the unit was highly customizable to our very needs. “
    Warren T.
  • “We were very surprised how little space the unit took up, we were now saving on valuable floorspace and staffing needs.”
    Jar packaging company - Melbourne


Pacwel Australasia

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Telephone: +61 3 9355 7099
Facsimile: +61 3 9355 7399


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