The Carton Packer for Blow Molding Manufacturers

The CPACS-35

The Carton Packer for Empty Containers

Ideal for high volume packing of newly molded containers

Pacwel take pleasure in presenting our latest in automated innovation; our automated carton packing system.
The process of collating the containers and placing them in the carton is fully automated however, the unit does rely on manual intervention in:
  • Assembly of the carton
  • Placement of the inner plastic liner into the carton.
  • Placement of lined carton onto infeed indexing system
  • Removal of packed carton, sealing and labelling.


CPAC35 Carton Packer


  • Portable with adjustable infeed height (Can be transferred for use on several lines)
  • Small foot print 5.5 Sq.M. (59 sq. Ft) {8’2” (2.5M) wide by 7’1” (2.2M) deep}
  • No operator involvement apart from loading empty cartons and removing full ones
  • Can handle a range of carton sizes up to 24” * 24” by 24” high. Change over of clamp head approximately 10 minutes
  • Indexed multi carton infeed and outfeed
  • Simple input of Recipes by product (up to 8 input parameters)
  • Fallen bottle detector
  • Multi level menu secured access
  • Detailed fault detection for quick resolution.
  • Servo driven. Low energy cost. Power consumption <5kW per shift

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