Our evolution

Becoming the leading designer and manufacturer of automated empty packaging handling systems for the global packaging industry

Why Pacwel came to be

Australia & USA

“product was being made faster, yet the bottleneck was in the handling of the product after production…”

The history of Pacwel

  • Pacwel’s origins date back to when the founders, Gary Tempany and Bruce Hall, were distributing and selling high end blow moulding machinery for leading Japanese brand AOKI

  • They recognised a significant gap in the market – empty packaging manufacturers were investing in machinery that enabled them to produce containers more efficiently, yet handling the finished product from its creation through to its pre-filling storage, still relied heavily on a number of human interventions.

  • In 2004, they established a separate company, Automation Concepts & Solutions Pty Ltd (AC&S), to specifically develop a range of products that could be easily integrated into an efficient, modern empty packaging manufacturing plant and which offered considerable savings in labor costs, energy costs and floor space.

  • AC&S, and its successor since January 2014, the Pacwel Group, has since further developed, expanded and refined its product range, primarily in Melbourne, Australia, through Gary Tempany and Bruce Hall, together with specialist engineering design expert, Paul Tamasauskas.

  • In recognition of the size of the U.S. packaging market, and hence the opportunities to introduce Pacwel products to that market, in July 2014 Pacwel commenced operations in the U.S. from its office in Chicago.

Our Milestones

Item Milestone
Robotic ½ height Palletising cells off AOKI blow moulders. VIP Brendale December 2003
Robotic full height palletiser/depalletiser running off 7 AOKI blow moulders August 2004
APACS 4000 mechanical palletiser. ½ height palletiser. Semi auto, layer build and transfer onto pallet. Slades  October 2004
APACS 2000 Plus palletiser. ½ height palletiser, Semi-auto, row by row build of layer direct onto pallet. Wet Fix September 2005
PACE Layer pad cleaning, inspection and sanitizing machine. Rodpak November 2007
Launch of AC&S designed take out unit for AOKI blow moulders August 2010
OEM supply of take out units to AOKI commenced December 2010
APACS generation 1, full height, mechanical servo palletiser. Brickwoods February 2013
1st overseas sale of APACS generation 2, full height, mechanical, servo palletiser. Foodcorp  November 2014
Ownership of Automation Concepts & Solutions Pty Ltd (AC&S) rolled over to Pacwel Holdings Pty Ltd, the holding company for the Pacwel group of companies (Pacwel). 1st January 2014
CPACS 35 1st generation carton packer launched.
1st overseas Installation of Dual row take out unit for AOKI “N” series blow moulder, Berry Anaheim July 2014
Pacwel Inc. commenced operation in the USA July 2014
1st overseas sale of CPAC 35 carton packer, Comar November 2015



2/30 Catherine Street,
Coburg North, Victoria
Australia 3058

Telephone: +61 3 9355 7099
Facsimile: +61 3 9355 7399


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