For dual lane feed machines

MK111 Take Out Unit

Specifically designed for AOKI Dual Lane Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machines

The MK111


  • The Pacwel MK111 Take Out Unit is specially designed for AOKI ISBM (Injection Stretch Blow Molding) machines and its purpose is to extract the molded product from each cavity at the ejection station and place onto a conveyor to exit the AOKI machine.
  • The product can then be conveyed in controlled manner to a leak detector and then onto a palletizer, bulk bin, manual packing station, bagging station or direct to a filling line.
  • The dual lane Take Out Unit is specifically designed for the Aoki “N” series machines.

Functional aspects:


    • Automatic simultaneous capture of product at both AOKI eject stations in an adjustable 4 sided pocket
    • Automated transfer of the containers onto exit conveyors
    • Single filing of containers onto the one exit conveyor 
    • Fully integrated into AOKI machine and automatically synchronous with the AOKI cycle.
    • Operates within the AOKI safety frame (small footprint, safety, simplicity of operation and product changeover)
    • Tailored designs to suit each AOKI model and capabilities
    • Product exits the AOKI machine in a single file with two optional exit points with the preferred exit as per the schematic


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