For single lane feed machines

The MK2 Single Lane Take Out Unit

Specifically designed for AOKI ISBM
(Injection Stretch Blow Molding) machines .

The Take Out Unit is specifically designed for AOKI ISBM (Injection Stretch Blow Molding) machines – it’s purpose is to extract the molded product from each cavity at the ejection station and place it onto a conveyor to exit the AOKI machine.
This product can then be conveyed automatically to a palletizer, bulk bin, manual packing station, bagging station or direct onto a filling line.
  • Automated capture of product at the AOKI eject station in an adjustable 4 sided pocket
  • Automated transfer of the containers onto an exit conveyor
  • Fully integrated into the AOKI and automatically synchronous with the AOKI cycle
  • Operates within the AOKI safety frame (small footprint, safety, simplicity of operation and product changeover)
  • Tailored designs to suit each AOKI model and capabilities
  • Automated separation of preforms and 1st off production from “good” production
  • HMI with fault diagnosis and adjustable settings for:

      • Holding time under eject station
        (enables containers to cool or stabilize before being transferred to exit conveyor)
      • Open time for the tool
        (allows containers to stabilize on exit conveyor before conveyor starts)
      • Start up and run time of the conveyor
      • Preform airblast
        (length of initial blast and number of blasts. Helps removal of sticky preforms

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