For Injection Stretch Blow Molding machines

From Molder to Downstream Equipment

Single lane & Dual lane Take out units

For use with AOKI ISBM
(Injection Stretch Blow Molding) machines

Pacwel’s Take out Unit’s are specifically designed for range of AOKI ISBM (Injection Stretch Blow Molding) machines and their purpose is to extract the molded product from each cavity at the blow motor ejection station and place it onto a conveyor to exit the AOKI machine.
This product can then be conveyed automatically to a leak detector, palletizer, bulk bin, manual packing station, bagging station or direct onto a filling line.
  • Fully integrated into the AOKI machine
  • Operates within the AOKI machine (small footprint, safety)
  • Fully automated and synchronous with the AOKI cycle
  • Preform ejection off the conveyor (no mixing of preforms with product)
  • 1st off product ejection capability off the conveyor for preset number of cycles (no mixing of start-up product from good quality production)
  • Design tailored to suit each AOKI model and capabilities
  • Quick product changeover
  • Smooth transfer of the container in pristine condition regardless of the material (PET, PC, PP, PA / PES / PPSU, PMMA / AS (SAN), TRITAN, HIPS, PE, PETG / PCTA / PCTG, COC / COP, PLA, PEN, etc.)
  • Handles a variety of product shapes and sizes for the following end uses

      • Food
      • Beverages
      • Household goods
      • Personal care
      • Pharmaceuticals
      • Cosmetics
      • Car supplies
      • Chemicals
      • Pet supplies
      • Sporting goods

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